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To passengers taking the Tokaido Shinkansen from May 20, 2020: If you bring a suitcase categorized as "oversized baggage" with you on the Shinkansen, you need to make a reservation for a "seat with oversized baggage area."

When taking the Shinkansen, if your baggage falls under the category "oversized baggage", please make sure to book your storage space along with your seat beforehand.
Bringing oversized baggage is only allowed on the Shinkansen if a seat with oversized baggage area has been booked. Due to the limited number of seats, early booking is recommended.
If you bring an oversized baggage without prior booking, you will be asked to pay a carry-on oversized baggage fee.
We thank you for your cooperation to help us ensure the safety and security of all customers boarding the Shinkansen.

*Similar services are planned for the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen.

From what baggage size do I need to make a reservation?

The baggage size for which a reservation is necessary (hereinafter referred to as oversized baggage) corresponds to the total of (A+B+C) being more than 160cm and less than 250cm.

* Equivalent to the bagagge storage size wich an oversized baggage fee is charged on international flights (depending on the airlines company)

What is a "seat with oversized baggage area"?

The rearmost seats of each car are reffered to as ""seats with oversized baggage area"". Please put your baggage in the space behind the seat (oversized baggage area). The space is shared between the customers who booked those seats (5 seats / 5 customers).

*This space is not available in the non-reserved seats cars and in some reserved seats cars.

Baggages other than oversized baggages
(JR Central Information Page)

Where can I make a reservation in advance?

How to reserve a "seat with oversized baggage area"

Online reservation

* Some reservation services are not available.

Ticket machines at station

Ticket office

*Reservations start from April 20, 2020.

Click here for advance reservation

How to proceed?

  1. 1Book and issue tickets

    When purchasing a ticket, please select "seat with oversized baggage area."

    * When purchasing your ticket at the counter, please inform the staff that you will bring a baggage categorized as "oversized baggage."

  2. 2Passing through the ticket gate

    Go through the ticket gate with your baggage using your Pre-issued basic fare ticket/limited express ticket.

  3. 3Getting on the train

    Please put your oversized baggage in the dedicated storage space behind the reserved seats.

Click here for FAQ on how to book a "seat with oversized baggage area"
(JR Central Information Page)

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